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How Do Metabolism & Weight Change with Age?

The simple answer! The simple answer is because of natural muscle loss which begins around 30.  But you CAN maintain and even build muscle into ...
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Can Mental Health Be Improved With Exercise? Yes!

There are plenty of good reasons to get regular exercise. While some folks work out to improve their cardiovascular health, others exercise to build muscle ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Metabolic Age

As you learn more about metabolism, BMR, and weight control, you will inevitably encounter the term metabolic age. BMR as defined by WebMD is, “Basal ...
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Metabolic Test Results: How Accurate Are They?

If you’re tired of engaging in pointless activities and diet plans that don’t seem to yield any noticeable results there is an answer.  You should ...
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Metabolic Types & Rate: What You Need to Know

Metabolic testing is a scientific approach to getting to know your body. Undergoing reliable metabolic testing will enable you to optimize your workout routine and ...
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Top Facts About Metabolic Testing: How to Prepare?

If you’re trying to lose weight, become fit, build muscle, and boost your health and wellness, you first need to get to know your body ...
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What Should You Know About Your Metabolism?

Spoiler Alert by Leo Hamel:  We have the most convenient, quick, inexpensive metabolism analyzer on the planet!  Medical grade and super high tech!  Perfect for ...
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The Major Tips for Sensational Senior Workouts

What you do not need to know about Senior Workouts. They are almost all wrong!