EXERCISE and ACTIVITY: The Basic Story

Two people working out with ropes.

The primary objective of the Leo Fit programs revolves around the prevention management and reversal of metabolic disease. An appropriate description of “exercise” in that role, should be specifically defined.

Exercise is: “The intended manipulation of muscle fiber recruitment intended to instigate specific metabolic responses (adaptation).

In simple terms, we design movements within the constructs of frequency, duration and  intensity (how hard?).  Lastly: technique (how we move?).

MUSCLE FIBER CHART (insert on page 55 in “Fifteen Minutes”)

Have you got it memorized?  Don’t worry, only Dr. Ben (me) and some guy in China have and the guy in China isn’t allowed to speak to the public.


Maintaining or Building Muscle (Fiber)

Therefor we see that maintaining or  retaining muscle is a primary driver of overall metabolic health and well-being.

Interestingly, if one is in the top 30% for their age and gender in MUSCLE STRENGTH, they are 40% more likely to live to 100 and 35% less likely to die of cancer.  Muscle strength is the single most correlated characteristic to longevity (Ruiz and Blair, 2007).  That’s powerful stuff worth addressing in any plan for metabolic health.

At Leo’s, our programs are dedicated to the safest, most efficient and powerful methods.  This allows for using activity and exercise in a normal lifestyle. plan at any level in order to optimize the benefits of legitimate muscle fiber recruitment.


Muscle Fiber Recruitment

The importance of muscle fiber recruitment is simply in understanding how it works.  Whenever some physical movement or mechanical exertion is required (sitting, standing, walking, bending)….ANYTHING that requires force, muscle fiber recruitment is instigated.  The muscle system is primarily responsible for the development of the “global” systems of human physiology.  The cardiovascular system would never have developed into one that could deliver oxygen in a moment’s notice if it were not for the demands imposed.  These demand of the muscle system are where metabolism and strength occur.  The same can be claimed for the respiratory, hormonal, nervous and skeletal systems.  They ALL developed in obviously successful human species development.  It is “Hard-Wired” into our genetic code.  In simple terms, humans are NOT healthy if the muscle system is not vibrant and capable.


The term “Exercise” is thrown around rather loosely causing confusion and poor application of the intended concept.  For our purposes, Exercise is a formal, organized, specifically designed plan of physical movements (exertions) applied in order to instigate directly correlated metabolic pathways (responses).Woman running on treadmill.

At Leo Fit, it is our intention to provide safe, efficient and readily applicable exercise routines that have been historically very productive for most folks for a lifetime of behavioral intervention.  In simple terms, these protocols (lasting 5 to 15 minutes) work, providing the biggest “Bang” for the buck for anyone’s time and effort.  That’s all anyone can ask for: Benefits being well worth the cost of the behavior.

“Activity” (as opposed to “Exercise”) is any informal, normally casually planned, bout of physical exertion associated with vaguely intended consequences (metabolic responses).

Both exercise and activity are important elements in the design of healthy, lifestyle behaviors.  Exercise is a powerful mechanism directed to improve metabolic status, functional capacity and aesthetic responses. Activity is primarily the antidote for sedentary behavior.  It is “over the counter” strength physical movement.

At Leo Fit, we support structured exercise and a healthy, lifestyle of support activity.  Stay strong.  Stay well.