Headshot of Jason Stapleton.

Start a “Side Gig” or Interpretation of Current News?

The Amazing Jason Stapleton Jason is a good friend of mine, and I have been listening to his podcast since its inception, which I am ...
Woman in a reiki session.

reiki is amazing eastern Answer to western problems

Dr. Maria Danilychev Traditionally from Japan and Used All Over The World I have been to SDReiki at least a couple of dozen of times ...
Stethoscope laying on paperwork.

Tri Systems Network Health and Wellness at its BEST

A Place Where You Can Integrate All Your Health Needs Tri Systems offers medically supervised  programs that use nutrition and exercise to fight disease, and ...
Plate filled with chicken and veggies.

Exceptional Concierge Doctor With Low Carb Keto Experience

My Personal Doctor Especially for Seniors Dr. Lenzkes is my personal primary physician and he has expertise in Low Carb eating as well as High-Intensity ...
Man drinking water.

Hormone Replacement Missing Link Vibrant Health?

HGH, Human Growth Hormones, Testosterone, Peptides, and more. Optimize your health!
Young girl sitting in classroom.

A Charity Worth Supporting, Unity 4 Orphans

Orphanage in Mexico which Leo Fit Labs supports and they do great work!
Baby sleeping on blanket.

Unrelated To Fitness but very informative

Antiwar website for information purposes if you have an interest in such things. With the war in Ukraine I felt this vital.
Charcuterie board of various fruits.

Specialized Vitamins and Nutrition Info

Local San Diego Health and Nutrition Advice Plus Supplements