ARX computer screen showing live results for triceps extension.

Scientific Exercise And A personal Trainer is the future of Exercise

The Game Changing ARX Machine Personal Trainer As you watch the screen, what you see is the weight you are pushing, the black line, and ...
Man training on the Vasper machine with text, Vasper.

Amazing and Effective Vasper Aerobic High Intensity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Leo’s Fitness Lab | 22 December 2022 Vasper Technology at Leo’s Fitness Lab The Vasper exercise machine provides immense high-intensity exercise benefits ...
Personal trainer, Kevin Doan, working with a client on the ARX at Leo’s Fitness Lab.

Amazing Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

What are the Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer? There are various reasons people work with personal trainers. No matter your goal, a personal trainer ...
Man working out on ARX machine.

40 Minutes a week Adds Years to Your Life HIIT

Interested in personal trainers or HIIT training? Contact us by clicking here.
Woman running in park.
Diet & Fitness

The Magic of THe LeoFit Method “What We Do!”

Weight loss and building stregth. Muscle and strength and how they affect weight loss.
Man running on track.

Because Fitness Matters

Because Fitness Matters I read an article last week that says the 6th week of the year is when, statistically, most people give up on ...
Older man and personal trainer with gym towels around their necks.

Senior Fitness Clubs in San Diego: How to Join One?

Joining a fitness center is a great way to get back in shape, especially for seniors who need professional guidance while working out. However, before ...