Man sitting the BodPod preparing to be tested by a professional.
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The Bodpod Is The Senior Workouts Best Friend

The Technology That Assures Your Positive Gains Now the title mentions seniors, but this technology is for everyone, especially in having a personal trainer is ...
Personal trainer, Kevin Doan, working with a client on the ARX at Leo’s Fitness Lab.

Amazing Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

What are the Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer? There are various reasons people work with personal trainers. No matter your goal, a personal trainer ...
Man working out on ARX machine.

The unknown secret To ultimate longevity Fitness

Fastest Method to Maximum Health Adaptive Resistance Exercise
Older woman working out with personal trainer.

Safe Personal Training for Seniors in San Diego: What You Need to Know

San Diego offers many opportunities for safe personal training for seniors in San Diego. Staying fit and healthy has never been easier thanks to advanced ...
Older man resting in the gym with personal trainer.

San Diego’s Best Personal Trainer for Seniors

Most people imagine that once you retire, the only thing left is to just sit back and relax. Although this can be quite enjoyable, seniors ...
Women in a yoga class.
best gym san diego

Exciting Strategies For Overcoming Gym Anxiety

For many of us, finding the motivation to work out is a challenge. Making a plan to go the gym is easy, but often the ...