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The Bodpod Is The Senior Workouts Best Friend

The Technology That Assures Your Positive Gains Now the title mentions seniors, but this technology is for everyone, especially in having a personal trainer is …

woman smoking
deadlier than smoking

Being Weak Is Five Times Deadlier Than Smoking!

Smokers Have A 5 Times Better Chace Of NOT Dying Early Than Weak People. That is A Scary Thought. Put Another Way: Having Weak Muscles …

Diet & Fitness

How Much Protein Is Right For You?

The Pancakes On The Opening Page of This Article are NOT Real Food! Sorry about the pancakes comment. As you travel the road of proper …

15 minute senior workouteopel running marathon

15 minute senior workout and its importance

15-20 Minutes Just Twice A Week Is Vital To Your Health As we age, anything past 30, we begin to lose muscle, and this loss …


40 Minutes a week Adds Years to Your Life HIIT

Interested in personal trainers or HIIT training? Contact us by clicking here.

BodPod Cosmed
Diet & Fitness

Body Composition And A Healthy Metabolism

Using Science to Meassure Body Composition


Major Importance of being active 5 Days A Week

Being active and weight loss. working out five days a week and its benefits.