15 minute senior workout and its importance

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15-20 Minutes Just Twice A Week Is Vital To Your Health

As we age, anything past 30, we begin to lose muscle, and this loss has a name; sarcopenia. It is described as the natural loss of muscle through age.  But is it natural or does it happen because we don’t exercise enough?

And why is muscle so important to seniors? Well, it is actually important to us all but especially seniors because the leading cause of death after age 65 results from some sort of injury, usually a fall.  And in a high percentage of cases, a fall results in a broken hip, and that is often a death sentence.

You Should Always Have A Workout Routine, Especially A Senior Workout Routine.

There are many senior workout videos on the Internet but watching a video does not actually “coach” you. The video doesn’t motivate or inspire. A live coach can do that, and ours will. Plus our machines themselves inspire ypouu to get the most out of each workout. Our machines, The ARX, are designed to be YOUR workout coach.  So you get the maximum from each workout.

Why Muscle For All Ages

We know that injuries happen to older people because they are weaker than younger people. People slip but cannot catch themselves. So they become injured, and the downward spiral starts. 

When injured, most people stop exercising. To stop all exercise because one body part is hurt is  silly. If your low back is hurt, you can still work your abs, legs, arms, etc. If one leg is injured, you can still workout the rest of your body. Just because one part of the body is injured we should NOT forget the rest. 

There is a new thought that sarcopenia, the loss of muscle, doesn’t necessarily happen in a steady progress, but a person becomes injured and stops exercising. When you are not exercising, you cannot maintain or build muscle.

This makes total sense. I injured my thigh muscle nerve and foolishly stopped exercising my leg. I got terrible advice from my doctor, who said, “There is nothing you can do but let time pass. As time passed, my leg began to shrink. I said, “Enough!” So I started with a Kinesiologist that specialized in nerves. Reneu-Health in Clairemont. On Convoy Court. I HIGHLY recommend them. They can work with any injury, not just nerves. From my first session, my leg got stronger. The doctor said nothing could be done “for the nerve,” but I inadvertently took it to mean the whole leg. So my leg shrank.

But by training at Reneu Health, I have been building the muscles around the tight, and then the thigh started to come back as well.

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Muscle Is Far More Key To Health Than We EVer Realized

We need muscle cells to produce energy. We need them for strength, and we need them to ward off sickness. Becoming old and frail is only moving towards sickness and worse. Becoming strong makes us vital and healthy.

Any exercise is better than none, But why not do the most efficient exercise possible? At LEoFit Labs we do the most efficient exercise possible to build strength, muscle, vitality, and all in only two 20-25 minute sessions a week. Perfect for senior workouts.

How Can You Possible Benefit SO Greatly From JUST TWO 25 Minute Sessions?

We do exercises at the high end of intensity for the strength you are at now during every session. You lift what you can at the edge of your limits but not over. Out computer-controlled machines assure that. When working near YOUR limit for the strength that you are NOW, you put mild stress on the muscle, and it adapts by getting stronger, bigger, or both. Bigger is not always better, but strength is ALWAYS better! Strength makes you less likely to be hurt by a fall or stumble.

This type of exercise is known as High-Intensity training (HIT) or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Studies, most of which are ignored by mainstream educators, indicate HIIT is far superior to steady-state exercise. In my humble opinion, if you can get the same results in 1/4 the time why wouldn’t I?

This is possible because of our professional personal trainers and our state-of-the-art ARX machines. ARX stands for Adaptive Resistance eXercise Technology.

Two ultra high-tech ultra-modern machines which are similar to medical-grade instruments. They use computer-controlled, motorized resistance that matches your force throughout the entire exercise. This takes the muscle to near exhaustion much faster than normal exercise. No more “three sets of ten.” Just one exercise per body part, and you are finished. This technology shortens the time you have to work out and drastically increases the effectiveness of your workout.

Click Here for a full explanation of our technology.

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Seniors Workouts CanBe Short Yet Highly Beneficial

Just TWO 25-minute sessions are all you need to gain muscle strength, metabolism, energy, fitness, and more. It may be hard to believe but YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY AFTER YOUR FIRST VISIT.