Pnoe Machine
Body Composition Metabolic Testing

When dieting, It is vital to monitor your metabolism! Why?

The Fix For Failed Diets Is Here! PNOĒ Metabolism Testing Technology at Leo’s Fitness Lab The PNOĒ machine is the newest technology in metabolic analysis …

pnoe machine

A Slow Metabolism Will Destroy Your Diet

The Problem With Dieting “Too Hard.” Metabolism is the measure of how many calories you burn per day. Science has shown that cutting calories, or …

Traditional Turkey Dinner
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Impeccable Eating Habits For The Holidays

Good Eating Habits

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How To Eat Properly Before and After Work Out

Healthy Nutrition to Pair with HIIT and HIRT HIIT training stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It involves training that alternates short bursts of vigorous anaerobic …

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How Much Protein Is Right For You?

The Pancakes On The Opening Page of This Article are NOT Real Food! Sorry about the pancakes comment. As you travel the road of proper …

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The Magic of THe LeoFit Method “What We Do!”

Weight loss and building stregth. Muscle and strength and how they affect weight loss.

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Do not Trust Main Media on Fitness Advice

Mass media will deceive you to get ratings by twisting studies. May, Might, Could and Can are key-words that signal deception.