We scientifically measure your daily caloric needs so that you can safely lose weight THAT WON’T RETURN.

Hi, I'm Leo Hamel. Are you tired of guessing what diet and exercise program will work for you? We've tried meal tracking, fasting, and cleansing. We've done bootcamp, and yoga, and CrossFit - we spent hours in the gym. But you still don't like the way you look. We can help! At Leo's Fitness Lab, we use actual science to measure your metabolism and provide the information you need to truly transform your body. This metabolism test will assess your fat burning efficiency and resting metabolic rate so you will know what your body requires in order to get fit and lose fat. Leo's will create a personalized training program and a 30-day meal plan so you can finally achieve your goals. The metabolic test told me exactly what to do to lose 60 pounds of fat. I feel great and people say I look amazing. For just $95, you get the tools you need to succeed. Call (619)-299-1694 now to schedule this vital evaluation. Come see us!

Understand Your Fitness With PNOĒ: The Most Accurate Metabolic Testing

No matter your fitness level, understanding your metabolic health is essential to reaching your goals. At Leo’s Fitness Lab, you have the opportunity to develop the most efficient workout routine for you and discover a proper diet that works for your body. This quick 10-minute metabolic testing provides all the information your personal trainer needs to lead you on the path to success. 

Most importantly, your trainer will explain your metabolic testing results to you to be sure you understand exactly what you’re doing and why. Once your customized workout and nutrition plan has been created, reaching your fitness goals will be easier and more attainable than ever before. 

Unparalleled Metabolic Testing Achieves Optimal Health

Before you even begin working out at our fitness laboratory, it’s best to have an in-depth understanding of your baseline health. Where are you at on your fitness journey right now? PNOĒ helps us determine this information, and with the help of your personal trainer, you’ll come up with a game plan to get where you want to be.

PNOĒ is not your average body composition test. This medical-grade equipment allows you to test your endurance and energy expenditure in exercise and resting conditions. This data is vital to creating the best nutrition and exercise program for you.

Reach your goals faster with metabolic testing in san diego

Develop a precise nutrition and workout plan

Metabolic Testing in San Diego

Understand your body

Discover exactly how your body functions to determine your health and fitness goals.


Save time with customized plans

Create a customized nutrition and exercise plan with the help of your personal trainer.


track your results

Measure your improvements with our revolutionary technology.

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Our clients’ satisfaction attests our success rate

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Leo's Fitness Lab is one of a kind. It has really helped me to build my strength. Cardio and strength workouts like you have never seen before.
Leslie T., Yelp
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If you're looking for an intense workout in a very short period of time, this is the spot. The gym equipment here is the future of working out. Paired with one-on-one personal trainers, it's one of the best workouts I've ever had.
Nick O., Yelp
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Our clients’ satisfaction attests our success rate

Our Metabolic Testing in San Diego Provides the Information you Need to Succeed

At Leo’s Fitness Lab, we use PNOĒ as our state-of-the-art cardio-metabolic testing analysis equipment. Our quick metabolic testing provides the insights into your body’s physiology our personal trainers need in order to create the most efficient workout plan for you. This information includes your body’s oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production and ventilation, your energy expenditure during both rest and exercise, and much more. 

Once your trainer has your PNOĒ metabolic testing results, all you have to do is commit to putting in the work. With our revolutionary technology, short high intensity interval training techniques, and knowledgeable personal trainers, your body will transform right before your eyes. Achieving, and maintaining, your fitness goals has never been so efficient! 

The Most Hands-On Personal Training in San Diego

At Leo’s Fitness Lab, you get the ultimate combination of revolutionary exercise equipment, private personal training, nutritional guidance, and a community of support. So the next time you’re hiking up Cowles Mountain with some buddies, you’ll be the first to the top.

Better yet, our training programs and equipment are suitable for individuals of all ages. Our science-backed technology enables you to take the best care of your health, regardless of your current fitness level.

The First Step in Your Fitness Journey

Your metabolic testing is only the beginning. Based on your results, your personal trainer will create your strength training ARX San Diego workouts customized specifically to you and your needs. Then, you can use our high intensity VASPER San Diego workouts to catapult your fitness to a whole new level. Contact us to schedule your first session today!

Here at Leo’s Fitness Lab, we often assist our participants in overcoming a weight loss plateau challenge. We can do the same for you! Even after noticing great success in shedding a lot of pounds, you can find yourself stuck at a plateau. It’s easy to give up at this point since you might feel as if there were no point in going further when you can’t make any progress. 

Luckily, you have our experienced trainers to help you identify the weight loss plateau cause and keep you motivated. We can also offer helpful tips that will help you achieve your desired fitness level. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Take your workout to a higher level. You may need a more intense workout routine to overcome the plateau, so consider introducing high-intensity exercises. Our team can suggest some of the best options depending on your fitness objectives. 
  • Stick to a low-carb diet. Once you reach a plateau, you should consider lowering your carb intake. Some studies suggest that such a diet may bring about metabolic changes that can help you burn fat more effectively. 
  • Find ways to relieve stress. If you feel under a lot of stress, this may affect your attempts to lose weight, leading to a plateau. Cortisol can result in belly fat storage, comfort eating, and food cravings. Find opportunities to relax and relieve stress both through exercise and other activities. 
  • Say goodbye to alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of calories and no nutritional value, which may be affecting your weight loss efforts. Some research even shows that it hinders your body’s ability to burn fat, so stop or limit your alcohol consumption. 

Achieving your desired weight can be more difficult for some individuals. Others succeed to lose some weight and then reach a plateau they cannot overcome. There are numerous reasons for a weight loss plateau, from insufficient exercise on a weekly basis and inadequate workout plans to improper diet. 

Here at Leo’s Fitness Lab, we can help you overcome the obstacles on your road to fitness and suggest possible ways to speed up your weight loss process in a healthy way.

Tips on speeding up your weight loss 

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, especially before a meal, can help with weight loss. Water will enable you to burn calories faster and eat less during a meal. It has been shown that drinking water before eating can help you lose more weight by 44%.
  • Increase your caffeine intake. There are some indications that black coffee and green tea contain antioxidants that work with caffeine to promote weight loss. However, you should avoid adding sugar to your coffee or tea. Also, drink moderate amounts of coffee.
  • Avoid consuming sugar. Not only can sugar undermine your attempts to lose weight, but it can also increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. 
  • Control your diet. Keeping a food journal can be highly beneficial for weight loss since it can help you stay in control over your calorie intake. 
  • Focus on the right workout. Certain types of exercise offer greater results when it comes to losing weight. For instance, HIIT can be highly effective, providing better benefits than a 30-minute cardio session. 
  • Seek help from a personal trainer. Joining a well-devised personal training course in San Diego can enhance your weight loss efforts. A personal trainer will focus solely on you, offer tailored plans, address your particular difficulties, and keep motivating you. 
  • Learn more about your metabolism. Your metabolism plays a crucial role in your weight loss journey. Undergoing metabolic testing can help you gain valuable insight into how your body functions, helping you adopt a workout and a diet approach that works for you. 

There’s another important reason that may be preventing you from losing weight that many individuals and weight labs in San Diego fail to address – metabolism. Yet, this might just be the culprit behind your weight loss difficulties. Luckily, Leo’s Fitness Lab is here to help you understand your metabolism and suggest metabolism-specific workouts for optimal fitness results.

To be more precise, your metabolism refers to chemical reactions in your body that affect how you burn calories and break down energy. Individuals with a fast metabolism need more calories to maintain their weight. On the other hand, individuals with a slow metabolism burn calories slower and need to lower their calorie intake. 

Here at Leo’s Fitness Lab, we offer highly accurate metabolic testing using advanced metabolic testing equipment. We can help you discover more about your own metabolism and use the result to your advantage by developing adequate workout and meal plans specific to your metabolic type.  

Have you been exercising for a while, but cannot seem to make any progress in achieving your desired weight? Have you reached a plateau and cannot overcome it? The first step is finding out whether your metabolism might be the reason behind this. And you should start by scheduling metabolic testing at Leo’s Fitness Lab. 

Although metabolic testing is mainly used for enhancing weight loss, we’ll use results to help you achieve optimal benefits in terms of both fitness and overall health. Our metabolic testing procedure entails finding out your resting metabolic rate and determining your fitness level.

What does this mean for you?

After receiving your fitness and resting metabolic testing results, we will be able to identify how many calories you need to burn during each workout session to lose weight and achieve your ideal fitness levels. This important information will enable us to offer you exercise and nutrition plans specifically adjusted to your metabolic type. 

An in-depth understanding of your body in combination with tailored exercise and nutrition plans are bound to produce better results than general routines. Jumpstart your fitness journey with metabolic testing and achieve greater weight loss in San Diego at Leo’s Fitness Lab!

Whether you’ve just started working out or have reached a plateau, knowing your metabolic rate and type can go a long way in attaining your ideal fitness level. It can show us exactly how your body works, how many calories it needs, and how fast it burns energy. 

Thus, we will know exactly how to overcome a weight loss plateau in your routine. From helping you lose weight effectively to assisting you in boosting your professional athletic performance, our accurate metabolic test results offer essential benefits. This way, you won’t lose time or energy on useless workouts. Instead, you’ll get the best results – always!

According to the concept of metabolic typing, people belong to three main categories, each one bringing a specific set of characteristics in terms of weight gain/loss, diet, etc. The three main metabolic types include: 

  • Ectomorph: These individuals typically have a fast metabolism, lean body, and can eat a lot without gaining weight.
  • Endomorph: Individuals who have more body fat and large bone structure belong to this metabolic type. They can gain both muscle and weight easily since they have a slow metabolism. 
  • Mesomorph: These are athletic individuals with a medium build. Although they respond well to workout, they can also gain weight easily.

Depending on your specific metabolic type, you need to stick to certain workout and diet guidelines. Our metabolic testing will provide invaluable data on your metabolic type and allow us to give you a customized weight loss plan suitable to your body features. This way, your workout at our fitness center will be much more effective and beneficial.

After learning more about your specific metabolic type and understanding your metabolic rate, you may be wondering what the next step is. Is there anything you can do to boost your metabolism and enhance your efforts to lose weight? Or, should you just make peace with the fact that you have a slow metabolism and cannot reach your ideal weight?

Thankfully, with Leo’s Fitness Lab, you don’t have to give up! As already mentioned, we will offer metabolism-specific workout and diet advice, enabling you to overcome any challenges your body poses. For instance, you can: 

  • Eat foods that increase metabolism. There are some indications that green tea, coffee, spices, and other similar foods can boost your metabolism. However, there’s no strong evidence behind this, so you shouldn’t rely solely on this tip. Instead, make sure you consume healthy, nutrient-rich foods and stick to a balanced diet. 
  • Increase your activity in general. This goes both for general movement on a daily basis and workout efforts. Aerobic activity and strength training may be particularly effective, but our trainers will consider your personal metabolic features when devising your workout plan. 

If you’re tired of futile attempts to lose weight, tone your muscles, and increase your fitness levels, visit Leo’s Fitness Lab. In addition to boasting top-rated, innovative workout equipment that will rev up your workout sessions, we also perform detailed metabolic testing.

By using proven PNOĒ equipment for cardio-metabolic assessment, we will be able to identify your metabolic features, detect your weight loss plateau, work out your resting metabolic rate, and evaluate your body’s fat-burning efficiency. 

Then, we will use the data to devise a highly effective workout plan in combination with healthy diet suggestions, enabling you to be your best self. Contact us today and we’ll schedule a consultation. Get to know your body at Leo’s Fitness Lab!