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Take your strength training to the highest level in the shortest time possible.

We live in an age where technology is constantly improving. Think about communication and how we went from talking to each other on one of these to today's smartphones in only a few years. In transportation, we've gone from riding around in horse and buggy to driving the supercars of today. Wherever we look, improvements in technology are making our lives better, yet we still exercise like this.

Today, the fitness and rehabilitation industries look much like they did 10, 20, even 50 years ago while cellphones and automobiles reinvent themselves every few years. The fitness industry seems stuck in time rehashing the same old stuff from decades ago. If we wouldn't use a phone from 50 years ago, why are we settling for the same old technology when it comes to our fitness and rehabilitation?

Introducing adaptive resistance exercise, a historic breakthrough in fitness and rehabilitation technology. ARX is the first of its kind making your fitness and rehabilitation safer more efficient and more quantified than ever before. With no weights to drop and the perfect amount of resistance at all times, ARX is computer-controlled, motorized resistance, is always enough and never too much. When you experience this perfect resistance you can achieve all of your fitness or rehabilitation goals in a fraction of the time. Whether you're looking for increased muscle mass, bone density, or injury recovery, ARX is the best tool for the job. Combined with a perfectly matched resistance, we also give you the ability to precisely and effortlessly track your progress. The ARX software quantifies every second of every rep, giving you an unparalleled view in your progress while providing constant real-time motivation.

Testimonial #1: As I get older, and a lot of my friends get older, you know, we're most concerned about losing bone density our muscle mass and just function. So using the ARX is a real safe way for us to get intense muscular work done and help our bones grow in a safe safe manner.

Testimonial #2: For me, being able to workout efficiently and only a couple of times a week has been incredibly important in my schedule. I work out two times a week, 12 minutes at a time and it's been fantastic for me. I get fit in a short amount of time versus working out five days a week in the gym. It's fantastic.

Testimonial #3: I've played sports my whole life. I trained a lot of different styles of athletes every day. The ARX works for a 16 year old lacrosse player trying to put mass on before the season. It can work well for a 52 year-old triathlete who's trying to rehabilitate a knee. ARX is the most powerful tool I have to train my athletes every single day.

ARX's ground breaking technology is fundamentally changing the way we look at fitness and rehabilitation. Building off the ideas of the past. Innovating for the future.

Reach Your Fitness Goals Fast: Sign Up For Our ARX Training in San Diego

Whether you want to tone your muscles or lose some extra weight, strength training is an essential aspect of any effective fitness program. At Leo’s Fitness Lab, you have the opportunity to develop an efficient workout routine, build lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and feel confident in your own body.

Most importantly, you’ll feel stronger, fitter and more energized thanks to our well-devised strength ARX training programs. To top it all off, we boast first-rate, high-tech workout equipment that will help you achieve your goals through sessions that last no longer than 20 minutes.

Unrivaled ARX Training Instructors Ready to Assist You

Working out with our professional strength trainers provides you with invaluable fitness benefits. Our experienced and qualified instructors offer vast knowledge of different types of exercise, so they’re ready to assist you whenever necessary. With the help of a personal trainer, you can achieve exceptional results much faster, adopt positive workout habits and eliminate risks of injury.

What’s more, you’ll have a fitness plan personalized to your specific needs. See your body transform, overcome challenges you never thought you could, and even rehabilitate and recover after an injury. It only takes 20 minutes per ARX training session, so schedule your first workout today!

Strength ARX Training in San Diego Beyond Comparison

Carefully designed personal training programs that will keep you motivated

ARX Training in San Diego

Achieve optimal results

Attain your fitness goals in a technology-controlled setting and create the body you’ll feel confident in.


Work out and save time

Our innovative workout sessions take only 20 minutes, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.


Rely on your personal trainer

Your personal training instructor will be by your side to motivate and guide you, ensuring every workout is highly efficient AND effective.

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Our clients’ satisfaction PROVES our success rate

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Headshot of K B.
Leo's Fitness Lab is one of a kind. It has really helped me to build my strength. Cardio and strength workouts like you have never seen before.
Leslie T., Yelp
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Headshot of Andrew S.
If you're looking for an intense workout in a very short period of time, this is the spot. The gym equipment here is the future of working out. Paired with one-on-one personal trainers, it's one of the best workouts I've ever had.
Nick O., Yelp
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Our clients’ satisfaction PROVES our success rate

Our ARX San Diego training gives you control over your workout

Our state-of-the-art equipment will enable you to closely monitor your strength training workout and have a direct insight into your progress. And what’s more motivating than seeing your exact progress week by week? Our ARX workout gives you the motivation you need to continue your body transformation and give each session 110%.

So, how does ARX technology work? It maximizes your performance by increasing the negative load and providing the perfect resistance. In return, this produces the best effect on your target muscle group, but over a much shorter period of time, allowing you to reap maximum benefits from every session.

Get the Most High-Tech Strength Training in San Diego

At Leo’s Fitness Lab, you get the winning combination – an exceptionally effective workout and enough free time for other priorities in your life. Never again will you have to neglect your self-care in favor of daily responsibilities. Now, you can finally have both energy and time to go strolling through Balboa Park with your friends.

Better yet, our training programs and equipment are suitable for individuals of all ages, including people with injuries or certain health conditions. Experience a workout unlike any other and take the best care of your health.

There’s Much More to Our ARX Training Programs

Strength training is part of our holistic approach to exercising. Combining ARX training with our intensive VASPER San Diego workouts will help you attain your fitness goals even faster. We offer you second-to-none personal training in San Diego so that you can always have someone to turn to for guidance and help. Start with a trial session today and kick off your fitness journey!