How To Eat Properly Before and After Work Out

Dinner plates with meat and veggies.

Healthy Nutrition to Pair with HIIT and HIRT

Three plates with various cooked meats.

HIIT training stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It involves training that alternates short bursts of vigorous anaerobic exercise with short rest periods. This is usually done for 10-30 minutes. But 30 minutes is excessive for HIIT. Most scientific studies show that 5-10 sixty to ninety-second sprints are more than enough. 5-10 sprints are enough to receive maximum benefit IF you sprint as close as to your maximum as you are able. It is the near-maximum exertion that gives most of the benefits. You do NOT have to be intense compared to others, but intense as compared to what you are able to do. At your current fitness level.

The section above relates to what is commonly called aerobic training. At LeoFitLabs we concentrate on resistance training in the HIIT style. We do High-Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT). HIRT means you do ONE set at the maximum weight your body can handle at your current strength. Because we use computer-controlled machines, it will sense your strength and match the resistance. This approach delivers your maximum output just like in HIIT. 

Why HIRT over HIIT

The advantage of HIRT over HIIT is that in HIRT we work out almost every muscle in the body, not just your legs. And while you build strength, metabolism, and increased immunity you also build up endurance.

Endurance and aerobics are basically the same. In 20-25 minutes of HIRT you can get the benefits of 2-4 hours of normal weight training PLUS 2 hours of aerobics. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it is true. I’ll explain the science in another article. 

 If you combine HIIT / HIRT programs with the right nutrition program, there can be several essential benefits. The benefits of HIRT can include improved blood pressure and overall heart health, and improved insulin sensitivity. Plus HIRT will improve your body composition. Body composition is best to be you will build strength and or muscle.  

HIIT & HIRT Require Good Attention to Nutrition.

To effectively utilize HIIT programs, it’s important that you recognize the nutritional needs of your body. Especially when you begin, or re-start a training program. In any fitness program, it’s essential to follow a healthy meal plan to reach your goals. And though MOST info in the public domain, speak of “a balanced diet,” they should really be speaking about a high protein, low sugar/carbohydrate diet.

Fruit and grains are not ideal if health and weight loss are important TO YOU. This is according to many of the most recent studies. Either way, you should have enough calories and macronutrients like to fuel your body and create energy stores for when you do work out. Hydration is also a key factor, and you should make sure to get as much water as you can. Here are some ideas for nutritionally supporting your body pre-workout and post-workout.

Because HIIT / HIRT are so intense, it’s really important to consistently follow a healthy nutritional plan, not just right before you plan to work out. Pre-workout meal(s) should look something like these:

Whole wheat toast with peanut/almond butter, either topped with bananas/apples or with eggs on the side.

Or even better, lean chicken and leafy greens. Low-fat Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with berries or other fruits. Dried fruit and nuts as a snack 1 hour before your workout.

And turkey and egg scramble with sweet potato hash browns.

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After Your Work Out

Dinner plate with sliced steak and veggies.

Your post-workout meals should focus on replacing protein that may have been broken down. You want to repair muscles that were stressed during the workout. Combinations of healthy greens and protein have been shown to have the best results. The best way to replace your energy stores is by eating protein within 2 hours (if you are not trained). But if you are in a trained condition, it can be anytime within 24 hours.  There are technical reasons for this, but these concepts are outside this blog.

Egg and spinach frittata with veggies.

Avocado and scrambled eggs.

Rotisserie chicken salad.

Salmon/Tuna bowl with leafy greens paired with avocado.

High Protein and low carb. Eat all the green vegetables you want (within reasonable limits.)

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