The Secret to Reducing Body Fat

Woman doing crunches.

It’s a widely accepted fact that once you reach a certain age, your metabolism slows, making it difficult to lose weight. One of the main reasons this happens is because as we age, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass, which requires brisk activity to maintain. During your teenage years, and even in your early twenties, keeping a healthy metabolism tends to be easier because you’re more active and generally have less fat storage. And because your body is technically still growing, the energy from food and drink helps provide your system with the fuel it needs. But, as you approach your late twenties or early thirties, it seems even the slightest splurge can pack on the extra pounds.

The book Body by Science explains this process more in-depth:

“The main difference for most people is that they have less muscle in adulthood than they had in their late teens and early twenties. With aging comes a natural tendency to lose muscle, a condition called sarcopenia, as well as to be less vigorous in physical activity, which breeds further muscle loss. This loss of muscle tissue brings a sharp drop in resting metabolic rate. If you lose 5 pounds of muscle, the calories you burn in a twenty-four-hour period will decrease by roughly 250 calories. While this decrease may not sound like much, it accrues over time. If you lose muscle but continue to eat the way you did when you were younger, you will gain a pound of fat in about fourteen days. Over a twenty weeks period, that will end up being 10 pounds of body fat.

The Key to Fat Loss

The key to getting rid of accumulated body fat is to get back your youthful metabolism by regaining your lost muscle mass. You have probably heard people say, “muscle has memory,” and this is one popular saying that passes the truth test. With a proper exercise stimulus, dormant muscle tissue can be reactivated to grow back to its previous size. When you regain muscle that requires 250 calories a day to keep alive, what used to be an insidious weight-gain problem will become an unrelenting weight loss technique. As you become stronger, you will have a natural tendency to participate in more vigorous activities, and this situation will allow you to lose weight with less attention paid to counting calories and food selection. The more reasonable your diet is, the more prone you are to stick with it. As you ride this spiral of success, you may be able to eat more like the way you did as a teenager. Putting just 5 pounds of calorie-burning muscle on your body can really turn things around for you.”

So, what can one do to counteract this undesirable outcome? Exercise, of course! But, only the right type of exercise…

How to Boost Metabolism

Everyone knows that exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, but what type of exercise is best? Most people assume that cardio is most effective for fat loss, but recent studies say otherwise. Although cardio burns more calories per individual session, strength training helps you burn calories even after your workout is complete. This is because building muscle is vital to increasing your resting metabolism, or the number of calories you burn at rest. Because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, building muscle helps to boost your metabolism and improve your efforts to lose weight.

Leo’s Fitness Lab has the Solution

Strength training sounds intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple once you’ve got the hang of it! And with a modern fitness facility like Leo’s Fitness Lab, getting the results you desire is easier than ever before. Our cutting-edge technology incorporates the principles of SHORT HIT (high-intensity training), which includes HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and HIRT (high-intensity resistance training), to deliver a workout that’s quick, safe, and efficient.

We begin by having our clients complete a thorough body composition analysis, using our medical grade BodPod, that determines your percentage of body fat vs. lean muscle. By establishing a precise starting point, our highly skilled trainers can customize a fitness and nutrition plan tailored to your exact needs.

With our advanced ARX fitness machines, it’s possible to achieve a full body workout in just two, 20-minute sessions each week, and track your success as you progress. And when it’s time to cool down, one quick session on the Vasper will have you feeling good as new. Vasper utilizes compression, liquid cooling, and interval training to bolster your body’s production of growth and recovery hormones, leaving you feeling revitalized, rather than sore and fatigued.

There’s never been a better way to attain optimum health than with the revolutionary approach of Leo’s Fitness Lab!

You will be astounded after completing your first free workout!