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cognitive decline

Incredibly Easy Solution to Dementia Caused by Muscle Loss

High Intensity Resistance Training Is The Solution Building Strength is step one! Cognitive Decline is the self-reported experience of worsening or more frequent confusion or …

Senior exercising weight training

Easy and Exciting Strength with Mental Acuity. Lift Weights!

No Need To Lift Weights When you Can “Fight” with a Computer We use the ARX machines instead of normal weights. This allows our computer-controlled …

Diet & Fitness

Burn Glycogen (stored sugar) for Better Dynamic Health

The conversation regarding “glycogen depletion” is crucial to your metabolic health profile.  It is universally accepted as an important mechanism in longevity and energy.  For …

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best gym san diego

Can Mental Health Be Improved With Exercise? Yes!

There are plenty of good reasons to get regular exercise. While some folks work out to improve their cardiovascular health, others exercise to build muscle …

best gym san diego

Unusual Tips for Improving Workplace Fitness

Boost Your Health & Wellness with Leo’s Fitness Lab Looking to relieve some of the inevitable stress from work? Leo’s Fitness Lab can help! Our …

How strength training improves your health

Strength Training: Unbelievable Health Benefits

Whether you’ve been working out for years or you’re ready to start, taking up strength training in San Diego may be right for you. In …