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No Need To Lift Weights When you Can "Fight" with a Computer

We use the ARX machines instead of normal weights. This allows our computer-controlled machines to give you the exact amount of “weight” you need right now. And the weight adjusts by the second to always be the right for YOU! The correct weight is delivered, so you gain the most benefit. This means you become stronger without the risk of injuries. You lift the maximum amount of weight you can SAFELY lift.  This is new and revolutionary. We have trained people in their 90’s.

Seniors must do resistance training if they want to live long lives WITH health!

We have traditional weights but they are so YESTERDAY!

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A Little History

Weight training is a popular type of strength training that works on developing skeletal muscles. It also can help your brain! Equipment often includes free weights like kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, or weight machines such as the leg press and bench press. Weight training can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history and became predominant during the rise of the Athens Olympics.

Why you should lift weights OUR WAY!


In the 1970’s, weight training rose in popularity with celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in films about exercise. Weight training is just as – if not more – important to seniors than it is to younger people. Once you reach 50, you start losing about 15% of your muscle tone every ten years. Physical benefits for weight training seniors include increased walking pace, higher metabolism, and better balance. The exercise greatly impacts mental strength as well. For seniors, this means better sleep, higher motivation, and the possibility of preventing degenerative diseases. Weight training in seniors will lead to fewer injuries, higher confidence, and overall better quality of life. Did you know that the leading cause of death in over 65-year-olds is related to mobility problems? These all stem from the loss of strength!

Do you Just Want to Live or Live With Health?

Get Started NOW!

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Not sure how to get started with weight training? Find more tips for seniors starting their fitness journey or contact our personal trainers today and we’ll help you get started!

At LeoFitLabs, we use computer-controlled machines that graph your exercise output, second by second, so you can see your improvement. We also have personal trainers by your side to motivate you.

We will improve your health, vitality, metabolism, strength, ESPECIALLY STRENGTH, in as little as 20 minutes, twice a week!

This is the least expensive, most effective training in San Diego. Bar none!

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