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All About the ARX Machines

At Leo’s Fitness Lab we provide the fastest results to our clients in the least amount of time invested. Who doesn’t want that? We can get you there in just 20 – 25 minutes only twice a week.

Most people will find this hard to believe. This is because High-Intensity Interval Training is pretty “new” to the fitness world. It has been known for years that HIIT is vastly superior in time savings to regular long-duration exercise. For example, six 60-second dashes, with 60-second breaks equals 12 minutes in total time. But only six minutes of actual exercise. At the same time, a sixty-minute jog takes at least 60 minutes if you never take a break. These both give the same health benefits! Dashes are High-Intensity Exercise, and jogging is called “steady state” exercise.

This info is not new. It has been known for decades, but modern education is VERY slow to adopt the latest discoveries. I have even seen articles on the National Institute of Health attempting to criticize HIIT because it isn’t better than long-duration exercise. Well, even if it is not better, it sure saves A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME!

But who am I to ever say that the government would lead us astray?

Trainers Know HIIT Works Yet Still Teach Antiquated Methods.

There ARE studies, most of which are ignored by mainstream educators, that indicate HIIT is far superior to steady-state exercise. In my humble opinion, if you can get the same results in 1/4 the time why wouldn’t I? 

What makes this possible is not only our professional trainers but our state-of-the-art ARX machines. ARX stands for Adaptive Resistance eXercise Technology.

These high-tech ultra-modern machines are similar to medical-grade instruments. They use computer-controlled, motorized resistance that matches your force throughout the entire exercise. This exhausts the muscle much faster than normal exercise.  No more “three sets of ten.” Just one exercise per body part, and you are done. This technology lessens the amount of time you have to work out and significantly increases the effectiveness of your workouts.


Adaptive Computers Are The Advantage

Because the machine “senses” your strength, second by second, it gives you the maximum resistance that you can safely handle moment by moment. Computer Controlled resistance also prevents injuries since you’ll always have a resistance that matches what you’re pushing or pulling for your current fitness level. This brand-new technology cannot be matched in a regular gym setting. Machines and free weights are “dumb” tools. ARX is as “smart” as you can get. There is no way to fall, drop the weights, or “overdo it.” With the ARX machines, you can grow new muscle, stimulate bone growth, and see other improvements while cutting down your workout time from the standard 3-6 hours a week to just 20 minutes twice a week.

Strength, not Muscle Size is The Most Important Factor to Heath

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For years diet has been said to be the most important part of health, and that may be true. But science again has shown that STRENGTH can overcome a bad diet, smoking, and other negatives to health. Why? Because strong muscles produce ALL the energy that allows the brain and other organs to function correctly. Strength and metabolism go hand in hand.

Note, I didn’t say muscle size is important; I said strength is important. Our ARX machines build strength faster than ANY traditional system in the world. 

The primary stimulus for growing and maintaining bone density is mechanical loading. Loading means that the higher the load lifted and resisted, the more the exercise can stimulate bone growth, mobility, and especially strength. As a result, muscle strength is now considered the most critical aspect of metabolism, health, cognitive decline prevention, and more.

Science has proven that if your muscles are strong, not big, but strong, then your brain will be healthier. A scientist friend of mine said that every part of the body is there to support muscle and NOT the other way around. For years muscle was thought to be in the back seat. As it is now known all the organs, bones, and even the brain itself are in the back seat, and muscle strength is the key to health.

Why You Want to Overload your Muscle

Most people do not realize that you are 30-100 percent stronger on the second part of an exercise. Put another way: If you can bench press 100 pounds on the push-up half of the movement, you can resist 130-200 pounds on the way down. So when you use a standard “dumb” weight or un-computerized machine, you push and pull the same weight in both directions. You are missing out on half of the exercise. Another way to visualize this is when you are pushing a weight, as in a bench press, you are getting training on the way up, but gravity is doing most of the work on the way down. On an ARX machine, you push up 100 pounds, but the machine adds 30 to 100 pounds on the way down. This “overload” is one of the keys to efficient exercise. Not only is this safe (because the machine will stop the moment you do), but you keep your muscles under tension the whole time. And it is nearly impossible and dangerous to try to do in a typical gym setting.

There is a saying in the weight training world, “Time under tension” is where the results come from. But what they miss is this, “Time under constant tension” is the fastest way to the maximum benefits. On ARX Machines you are under tension in both directions.

The Secret To The Fastest Health Results Possible: ARX

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According to an article from the ARX site, “You can’t achieve the same levels of mechanical tension and loading with weights because you’re limited to the amount of weight you can lift in the first place, completely missing out on the potential amount of weight you could have accommodated on the way down.”

If you want to personalize your workout, cut down your workout time, and build the most effective workout routine, visit our certified personal trainers at Leo’s Fitness Lab today!

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