The Bodpod Is The Senior Workouts Best Friend

Man sitting the BodPod preparing to be tested by a professional.

The Technology That Assures Your Positive Gains

Now the title mentions seniors, but this technology is for everyone, especially in having a personal trainer is for you. Accountability skyrockets with personal training.

The COSMED BodPod machine is the newest technology in body composition analysis — allowing optimal training program design for every individual. Body composition is generally defined as a comparison or ratio of lean muscle tissue versus body fat. Lean tissue includes organs, bones, tendons, etc. Comparing your percentages of fat to mean tissue is an excellent guide to current and future health.

Below is one of the reports that the BodPod issues upon testing a client.

Bodpod test results.

Pictured is an example report that clients receive after BodPod testing. This report includes the definition of body fat, "A certain amount of fat is absolutely necessary for good health. Fat plays an important role in protecting internal organs, providing energy, and regulating hormones. The minimal amount of 'essential fat' is approximately 3-5% for men, and 12-15% for women. If too much fat accumulates over time, health may be compromised," and the definition of fat free mass, "Fat free mass is everything except fat. It includes muscle, water, bone, and internal organs. Muscle is the 'metabolic engine' of the body that burns calories (fat) and plays an important role in maintaining strength and energy. Healthy levels of fat-free mass contribute to physical fitness and may prevent conditions such as osteoporosis." The example report shows a client in the Excess Fat rating of 20.1-30% with the following explanation, "Indicates an excess accumulation of fat over time

Why Knowing Your Body Composition Is Important

When working out or dieting, one should have a “baseline” of where you are at now. Ideally, this would be done at the beginning of a diet or workout routine, so you will know if you are making real gains. But will benefit you anytime, even in the middle of a routine or diet, as you can see results from that time to the next BodPod test.

For example, I have seen this over and over. A person goes on a diet and exercise program. They start seeing pounds come off the scale. And they are happy. The numbers ARE going down, BUT are you losing muscle or fat?

Most diets can cause 30-50% of the weight loss due to muscle loss. This is NOT healthy. A pear-shaped person loses 25 pounds, 50% fat, and 50% muscle. What do they look like now? Just a smaller pear-shaped person. They buy smaller sizes of clothes, but their physical shape hasn’t changed, and they have lost life-saving muscle. Muscle is what gives us attractive curves and vitality. Fat just hangs there. Sorry, I know this is a little gross, but it is true.

Skinny Fat is the term for a slim person with nearly no muscle.


We Want Gain Muscle and ONLY Lose Fat

Fat is very easy to gain, but muscle is not. One NEVER wants to lose muscle if you can help it. Muscle is exceptionally healthy. One of the amazing statistics about muscle strength is that “all-cause mortality,” meaning all the ways you can die, is five times higher for weak people than for smokers! Shocking but true. 

By tracking your fat versus muscle ratios, when dieting or exercising, you will know if you are going in the healthiest, most positive direction.

San Diego, CA. LeoFitLab’s is known as a gym that offers a scientific approach to working out. The BodPod machine is a medical-grade device used in scientific research. It uses the newest analysis technology and significantly increases the personalization of individuals’ workouts.

With a more personalized approach, the effectiveness of the workout, or diet, is greatly increased. Alternative devices involve dunking in water which is uncomfortable, messy, and sometimes COLD! The BodPod takes only minutes to do but gives life-changing information. The results provided give trainers the necessary measurements to help create tailored routines that work!


BodPod Chart

Example chart of a clients BodPod test results over a time period from 02/01/21 to 02/23/23 showing the following changes: Fat Weight -4.925, Fat Free Weight 0.866, Body Weight -4.059, Est RMR 1, Est TEE -452

Results Are Clear As Seen Above

Looking at the client’s progression, you can see Fat Weight coming Down and Muscle (Fat-Free) mass going up. Ideal! Then there was an injury, and it changed. The person did the test today, saw the numbers, and resigned for another year as he was doing well.  

So even a “bad” report turns into a good one. Another client told me that they signed up simply because the numbers were so bad on his BodPod that it drove him nuts. He surfed all his life but after he retired, he said,

“I turned to mush. I signed up for your ARX personal training (Scientific Weight Training) and Vasper (Computer Controlled Aerobic Training) programs and I am surfing with my son again! Plus, a lot of pain went away.”

BodPod Testing in San Diego

Not only does the BodPod help create custom workouts, according to the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, “[Results can] measure the success of your nutrition and exercise program, monitor for obesity, a risk factor for major diseases, like stroke and diabetes, help you lose or gain body fat safely, [and] fine tune your athletic performance.”

The BodPod machines are the quickest and safest way to see where your health stands. These high-tech ultra-modern machines are considered the gold standard of body composition measurement.

According to the Cosmed Site, “The accuracy of the BodPod is very high against reference techniques in several research publications. 

BodPod technology creates a safer and more accurate environment where the exact measurements from more invasive and complex testing are possible in just 5 minutes in the BodPod.

LeoFitLabs has three personal trainers on staff, all certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, who are experts in providing the most effective routines for each individual. “Our gym has the newest BodPod technology that helps our trainers create exercise routines that work specifically for each client,” said Leo Hamel. “Our trainers are here to help clients achieve results in just a fraction of the time, and that’s made possible with the safest, most accurate technology like the BodPod.”