Scientific Exercise And A personal Trainer is the future of Exercise

ARX computer screen showing live results for triceps extension.

The Game Changing ARX Machine Personal Trainer

ARX screen showing live results for leg press.

As you watch the screen, what you see is the weight you are pushing, the black line, and the red one is how much you are resisting. We are much stronger at resisting weights than pushing them. The ARX Computer-Controlled resistance gives you the exact weight you need in BOTH directions.

The gray line is your last workout. This encourages you to work just a little harder each time. Most customers become stronger each session for months on end because of this technology.


When you do a regular “bench press” you may be able to push 100 pounds, but on the way down, gravity does most of the work for you, and you are actually only doing half the exercise. That half is the push. The ARX computer increases the weight on the way down, so you work the muscle in BOTH directions. This is a new and unique technology. Exercising the muscle in BOTH directions doubles or even triples the benefit from the set. And because the computer gives you the most weight you can handle, you only do one set per body part. 

Note the bars in the lower right of the screen. Those are the numbers you achieved in past sessions. You can see your strength increasing. The green box that says “pace” shows how much you have been over the last session.

Then there are the eight boxes on the top right, which track other factors of this exercise. The goal is to always be at least a pound up from the last time. Usually, it is a lot more than that!

You will have a live personal trainer working with you to encourage you and the computer. It is like having two coaches!

This is fantastic technology. Safe, fast, efficient, and the fastest way to health, fitness, and weight loss. The main reason for this is that you are working your muscles fully in both directions.

20-25 minutes, just twice a week, and you will be stronger and fitter.

Why spend more time than you need to?