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Burn Glycogen (stored sugar) for Better Dynamic Health

The conversation regarding “glycogen depletion” is crucial to your metabolic health profile.  It is universally accepted as an important mechanism in longevity and energy.  For …

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What You Can Do and Examine The management of the serious metabolic disease pandemic (yes, the “other” pandemic) requires a much more subtle analysis than …

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EXERCISE and ACTIVITY: The Basic Story

The primary objective of the Leo Fit programs revolves around the prevention management and reversal of metabolic disease. An appropriate description of “exercise” in that …

How do I know if I'm in starvation mode
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Starvation Mode: Everything You Need to Know

Starvation mode is a common concept among dieters and fitness enthusiasts. In losing weight, you should explore how starvation mode relates to weight loss. And …

How do I know what my metabolism is
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How Do Metabolism & Weight Change with Age?

The simple answer! The simple answer is because of natural muscle loss which begins around 30.  But you CAN maintain and even build muscle into …

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Can Mental Health Be Improved With Exercise? Yes!

There are plenty of good reasons to get regular exercise. While some folks work out to improve their cardiovascular health, others exercise to build muscle …

What is my metabolic age
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Everything You Need to Know About Metabolic Age

As you learn more about metabolism, BMR, and weight control, you will inevitably encounter the term metabolic age. BMR as defined by WebMD is, “Basal …

Should you eat less than your BMR to lose weight
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How Basal Metabolism & Calories Affect Weight Loss?

Achieving your desired body weight sometimes seems impossible, doesn’t it? No matter how hard you work out and control your calorie intake, you still can’t …