Starvation Mode: Everything You Need to Know

Table with various fruits and grains next to measuring tape.

Starvation mode is a common concept among dieters and fitness enthusiasts. In losing weight, you should explore how starvation mode relates to weight loss. And what it means for your metabolism.

Furthermore, you can maximize your weight loss with a metabolic test.  This informs you to understand your body better and find out what your metabolic age is. This kind of information can be extremely helpful as it can pinpoint what type of metabolism you have.  Then target an effective way to boost your metabolism.

Of course, understanding how starvation mode affects your body and weight loss efforts is crucial for achieving desired results.

What is the starvation mode for your body?Woman holding cheeseburger and measuring tape with mouth taped shut.

Starvation mode is a form of the human body’s protection mode that activates if you cut your calorie intake significantly. If you don’t consume a sufficient number of calories, your body will naturally slow down your metabolism.  It does this to conserve energy.  It protects you from “starving.”

This means that your body will actually slow its burning of calories.  Thus hindering your efforts to lose weight. This is a natural physiological response to long-term calorie restriction.  If you skip a few meals and don’t consume enough calories for a couple of days, your body won’t immediately enter this mode.

Nonetheless, it’s important that you carefully regulate the number of calories you consume.  Do not just drastically cut back in an attempt to lose weight. If you’re not careful, you will actually sabotage your weight loss.

How do I know if I’m in starvation mode?

Controlling your calorie intake is an important aspect of weight loss, but what if you take it too far? What if you haven’t consumed enough calories for a prolonged period of time? What if you don’t even know that your body is in starvation mode?

Well, the first step is to carefully evaluate your situation.  So consider whether you’ve been exhibiting one of the following symptoms of starvation mode:

  • You feel depressed. The lack of nutrients such as vitamins B and D, iron, zinc, and others may affect your mood, causing you to feel depressed.
  • You are constipated. If you don’t consume enough fiber-rich foods, you are likely to experience constipation.
  • You often feel cold. It has been shown that your body temperature lowers when you don’t consume enough calories.
  • You feel lethargic. Without enough calories, you will quickly experience feelings of fatigue.  Because your body doesn’t have enough calories to burn and generate energy.
  • You’ve been losing hair. This is another consequence of a lack of nutrients. In particular, you may experience hair loss.  This is because you don’t consume enough protein and fatty acids.

How do I figure out my calorie deficit to lose weight?

Woman taking waist measurements.

One of the reasons why a great number of people  lose weight enter starvation mode.  This is the attempt to create a calorie deficit. This deficit is necessary for losing weight because you need to consume fewer calories than the your body needs.

However, simply restricting your calorie intake can lead to starvation mode. This is why it is essential that you workout your calorie deficit properly.  You should be taking all important factors into consideration. You can do this by determining:

  • How many calories your body burns while resting. This requires you to know your basal metabolic rate (BMR).
  • How many calories your body burns while exercising. You need to consider how much you work out daily  and weekly.  This determines the average amount of exercise you get on a daily basis.

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