Being Weak Is Five Times Deadlier Than Smoking!

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Smokers Have A 5 Times Better Chace Of NOT Dying Early Than Weak People. That is A Scary Thought.

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Put Another Way: Having Weak Muscles is Five Times Deadlier Than Smoking


Because people with weak muscles fall more often because they don’t have good balance and aren’t strong enough to catch themselves. Half of people over 65 years old who go into the hospital from a fall never come out. And 30% of 65 year olds who break a hip will die within a year. People with stronger muscles fall less often because strong muscles improve balance, and even if they do fall, their bones are stronger, because muscle strength builds strong bones.

It’s not too late to improve your odds!

No matter your Age We Can Help, Especially Senior Workouts

Seniors are most at risk of “All-Cause Mortality.” Our training methods work for people of all ages, 10-100, but we specialize in senior work outs. Even if you have injuries we can work around them. Our training complements normal physical therapy by adding raw strength to the mix.

One Primary Goal for Health Should Be Strength Gain.

It is very common for people to exercise so they can “lose weight.” But strength should be the goal.  If you are getting stronger, You should lose weight. Becue your muscles will burn more calories. Obviously you will have to watch what you eat but strong muscles burn more calories. That is just a simple fact. 

Being strong doesn’t mean you have to be a bodybuilder with massive muscles. Nor do you have to spend hours lifting heavy free weights. Strength simply means having strong, healthy muscles. But how do you achieve muscle strength without spending hours in a gym or risking injury?

At Leo’s Fitness Lab, our personal trainers you can experience the most efficient strength-building exercise in the world. Just 20 minutes twice a week replaces 5-10 hours in the gym, and gives the kind of muscular strength that will allow you to live your life to the fullest without fear.


Computer Technology Makes The Difference

ARX screen showing live results for leg press.

Our computer-controlled exercise machines graph each exercise movement (in red and black) and compare this workout to your last session (in gray.) These state-of-the-art machines maximize your training by giving you the exact amount of weight that’s perfect for you at your current fitness level. You don’t have to know how much weight to lift or how many reps to perform – the machines guide you through it.

We guarantee you will get stronger in almost every session for months on end.

You will also have a personal trainer by your side to keep you motivated and safe.

Everyone knows weight loss is healthy, but did you know that strength is one of the primary
predictors of a long life with health?

We diet because we want to lose weight. But the weight we want to lose should come from fat, not muscle. Unfortunately, 30-50% of the weight lost on most diets is from muscle loss and only the rest from fat loss. Most people add aerobic training to help them lose weight.


Lose Weight With Aerobics? Not So Fast!

Contrary to popular belief, aerobics does not promote weight loss in any meaningful way. Aerobics encourage muscle loss along with fat. It is a complicated story, but here is the Proof.

Since Aerobics became popular 50-60 years ago, Americans are fatter than ever!

The healthy way to lose weight without losing any muscle is to add our specific type of weight training to your program. This assures maximum fat loss and minimizes muscle loss. With proper strength training, it is even possible to gain muscle while losing fat. Our method and machines are the KEY.


Type Two Diabetes

A side note concerning type two diabetes, which is an epidemic even amongst children today, our specialized training method can prevent or reverse type two diabetes. This is a massive bonus to your training. 

A PeronalTrainer and A Computer

Personal trainers working with clients on various machines at Leo’s Fitness Lab.

Working with our personal trainers using state-of-the-art computerized equipment is the shortest path to a leaner, stronger, healthier body. And all this in only 20 minutes twice a week!


  1. Computer-controlled resistance tailored to you by the second, is the most efficient strength-building exercise in the world. It is REVOLUTIONARY!
  2. A minimal time commitment of just 20 minutes twice a week yields unparalleled results, as our high-tech exercise machines maximize your workout.
  3. Our Personal Trainers provide extra motivation and a customized individual training plan.
  4. Gain strength, lose fat, increase bone density, and boost metabolism!

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