Amazing and Effective Vasper Aerobic High Intensity

Man training on the Vasper machine with text, Vasper.
Woman training on Vasper machine.

Vasper Technology at Leo’s Fitness Lab

The Vasper exercise machine provides immense high-intensity exercise benefits — without the extra stress to your body.

San Diego, CA. Leo’s Fitness Lab is known as a gym that offers the newest technology. The Vasper machines that the gym uses are not only the newest high-intensity technology, but also significantly decrease the wear and tear that traditional exercise has on your body.

The risk for joint injuries like shin splints, knee injuries, and stress fractures is significantly increased when using traditional exercise equipment like a treadmill. These high-impact exercises, over time, can cause severe damage to bones and joints, especially in people with pre-existing injuries.

A study on high-impact exercise published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that “[high-impact] athletic activity is associated with a slightly increased risk of osteoarthritis.”

The Vasper machines are the quickest and safest way to see the best results from your workouts. These high-tech ultra-modern machines are similar in quality to medical-grade instruments. The Vasper uses compression, liquid cooling, and interval training to decrease wear and tear, time, and stress. Yet still delivers the same results as conventional exercise.

Four Benefits of Vasper Over Normal Aerobics

Woman training on Vasper machine.

1. Computer-controlled resistance. This takes the guesswork out of your workout.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training. This is proven to be the most efficient form of exercise.

3. Compression. This traps lactic acid in your muscles. When the compression is released, your brain sees this rush of acid and stimulates the following hormones that stimulate: Strength, aerobic enhancement, and rebuilding hormones in your body. Thus thw brain believes you just did a ten-mile run and then sets up recovery from that perceived run.

4. Cooling plate for your feet that are also grounded. See Grounding or Earthing.

This results in four workouts in one 20-minute session.

Vasper is a Game Changer


According to the Vasper site, “Time and time again, Vasper users talk about increases in energy and strength. Combined with its low impact physically and physiologically, the anabolic hormone increase with Vasper use is an unbeatable combination for anyone who wants to increase their physical performance.”

Leo’s Fitness Lab has three personal trainers on staff, all certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, who are experts in providing the most efficient workouts. “Our gym provides the newest technology to create exercise routines that are equally safe and efficient,” said Leo Hamel. “Our trainers are here to help you achieve results in just a fraction of the time by helping you safely push yourself to your maximum capacity.”

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