Hormone Replacement Missing Link Vibrant Health?

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From the Optimized U web site:

What is Hormone Optimization?

Our unfortunate reality that one must come to terms with is: WE’RE ALL AGING. As the aging process continues, hormone levels typically decline. Certainly, other factors play a role in declining or fluctuating hormone levels but the one that’s most difficult to escape is our age. Aging without augmentation involves higher body-fat percentages and lower lean muscle masses. This is accompanied by weaker bone density.  You may also have a lowered sex drive, and lowered sexual performance.  As well decreased ability to recover from injury/stress, slower mentation capabilities, slower metabolism. there are more and various other unpleasantness. Likely the term “anti-aging” that you may hear in marketing situations or even medication considerations will in some way relate to manipulating hormones. This is  because the vast majority of the above symptoms of aging could be diminished by manipulating hormone levels. We mimic the levels typically seen in youth. This is the foundation of Hormone Optimization: to replace hormones in such a way so as to mimic youthful health and vitality traits.

High Intensity Training depends on all your "systems" working properly.

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