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Amazing and Effective Vasper Aerobic High Intensity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Leo’s Fitness Lab | 22 December 2022 Vasper Technology at Leo’s Fitness Lab The Vasper exercise machine provides immense high-intensity exercise benefits
Personal trainer, Kevin Doan, working with a client on the ARX at Leo’s Fitness Lab.
Personal Trainer

Amazing Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

What are the Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer? There are various reasons people work with personal trainers. No matter your goal, a personal trainer
Dinner table filled with a Thanksgiving feast including turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and wine.
Diet & Fitness

Impeccable Eating Habits For The Holidays

Good Eating Habits
Older man wearing a blue jacket, covering face with hands.
Press Release

Little Known Prevention of Dementia Tool

Dementia CAN Be Prevented FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Leo’s Fitness Lab | 03 December 2022 Leo’s Fitness Lab Uses ARX Technology to Fight Dementia in Seniors 
Shirtless man flexing his arm, chest, and torso muscles.
High Intensity Training

High-Intensity Weight Training Is Magic Formula

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Is The Most Efficient Exercise Trainers refer to the High-Intensity Interval Training technique as HIIT in aerobics.  What is HIIT? It