Older man training with kettlebell.
Mental Health

Easy and Exciting Strength with Mental Acuity. Lift Weights!

No Need To Lift Weights When you Can “Fight” with a Computer We use the ARX machines instead of normal weights. This allows our computer-controlled ...
Man working out on ARX machine.

40 Minutes a week Adds Years to Your Life HIIT

Interested in personal trainers or HIIT training? Contact us by clicking here.
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Diet & Fitness

The Magic of THe LeoFit Method “What We Do!”

Weight loss and building stregth. Muscle and strength and how they affect weight loss.
Woman lifting dumbbells.
Weight Loss

Ideally Consistent Weight Loss Will Be Rewarding But Fortune May Bring Disaster!

weight loss goes on but fortune awaits. Weight and fat move in opposite directions. As usual, the lean tissue and fat move in opposite directions ...