Major Importance of being active 5 Days A Week

Man standing with bikes inside of Electric Bike Central.

As a person who has tried several different workout spreads (days of exercise vs. days of rest) I only recently realized something very relevant. The most significant benefit of doing something active is five days per week, especially for people just starting their fitness journey.  

At its core, the most significant benefit of training for five consecutive days is increased willpower!   I’ve found in myself and clients that exercising daily dramatically aids in the ability to fight urges to cheat on a nutrition plan. You are pushing yourself to exercise daily, both physically and mentally challenging, but it is gratifying!    You will be far less likely to reach for a bag of potato chips or sweets when experiencing a daily dose of accomplishment from your workouts.

But at LeoFitLabs we have discovered two INTENSE, and very short, 20 minutes of exercise a session. It is enough to maintain and even build muscle. Using the ARX computerized exercise machines, plus a human personal trainer (personal training), we can help you get fitter in 40 minutes a week. On the other days, go for walks, run, swim, or do other activities but just two short, intense sessions will keep you in shape and improve your overall fitness.

Intense exercise is far more important than “Steady-State” exercise.  Steady State is running, jogging, swimming, classes, etc.  Intense is something you can ONLY do for 90-120 seconds.  When new to fitness it means what you can do hard, but maybe for only 20 seconds. Oy is the INTENSITY and only for a short time.  All out, survival, fight or flight intensity mixed with some “Steady-State.”

Two bikers high fiving.