The Secret Of Senior Workouts, Private Trainer

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Each senior experiences the aging process differently and many seek solutions to help alleviate some of the physical strains of aging. And there’s a simple, universal solution- using the perks of exercise to facilitate the aging process by signing up for senior workout programs in San Diego. 

From recovering your muscle mass to improving your balance, exercise offers so many invaluable health benefits to seniors. Additionally, exercise can help you age better and alleviate the effects this inevitable process has on your body. 

Of course, to make the most of your fitness routine, you need to follow some safety workout tips for seniors and make sure to exercise on a regular basis. You should also learn how exactly exercise can benefit the aging process. 

Older people in a workout class.Does exercise help you age better?

Weight gain, muscle loss, wrinkles, and other aspects of aging affect every individual as early as around the age of 35. From this point on, your body typically gains one percent of fat per year and loses around five pounds of muscle mass per decade. And these are just some of the noticeable changes your body goes through. 

Fortunately, numerous studies have shown that exercising in moderate amounts and on a regular basis can make you look and feel younger. This means that you don’t have to go to the gym every single day and spend hours working out. Instead, seniors can benefit immensely from exercising moderately, but consistently and regularly. 

Of course, you’ll get the best results if you start as early as possible. However, even if you start exercising in your 50s or later, you can still change how the aging process affects both your physical and mental health. The most important factor is consistency – you need to engage in a physical activity you enjoy at least three times a week, so consider joining one of the senior workout programs in San Diego. 

How exercise can make you feel and look younger?

So, how exactly can exercise help the aging process in seniors? Here are some effects a regular workout routine can have on your health: 

  • Greater vigor and vitality. Performing everyday tasks is significantly easier when you don’t feel tired all the time. Both your body and brain will be more alive and alert, which will make you feel up to two decades younger. 
  • Slowed down cell aging. Research has proven that exercise contributes to the lengthening of telomeres, caps on age-controlling chromosomes. This means that working out increases your chances of living longer. 
  • Improved sex drive. A regular workout routine will have a positive impact on your sex drive, both mentally and physically. Exercise increases blood flow, which brings many positive changes to your body. 
  • Enhanced posture. As you grow older, you will start to lose muscle and bone density unless you exercise regularly. This will affect your posture, which can make you look even older than you actually are. Regular workouts will strengthen your core and help you stand taller. 
  • Boosted mood. It goes without saying that your mental and physical health are closely intertwined. By triggering the release of endorphins, regular workout sessions will improve your mood, which will also reflect in your appearance. 
  • Younger-looking skin. If you want your skin to be supple, elastic, and soft, exercise is the way to go. Although more research needs to be done, it’s believed that regular exercise can slow down the aging of the skin. 
  • Reduced memory deterioration. If you exercise regularly, you’ll improve your cognitive skills and prevent memory deterioration since physical activity helps increase the size of the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with memory. 

How do seniors start exercising?

If you’ve decided to get back to a fitness routine, you need to be careful about how you first approach your workout plan. There are numerous considerations to keep in mind, so you shouldn’t just rush back into exercising. It’s important to be mindful of the following steps: Older people exercising with trainer.

  • Seek clearance from your doctor. It’s absolutely essential that you seek medical approval from your doctor that you’re in good physical condition to start working out. Since even seniors who suffer from certain chronic conditions can still benefit from exercise, your doctor will probably allow you to work out, pointing out possible issues to keep in mind. 
  • Decide whether to join a gym. Although you can stay active at home, going to the gym will actually give you access to equipment and guidance otherwise inaccessible. However, make sure to find a senior-friendly fitness center that can meet your specific needs. 
  • Set realistic fitness goals. To stay motivated and committed to your workout routine, you need to feel a sense of accomplishment. So, make sure to set your personal fitness goals and start working on achieving them. 
  • Choose the right type of activity. Depending on your fitness objective, you need to decide which physical activity will benefit your health and well-being the most. However, keep in mind that seniors should avoid certain activities that are simply too demanding. 
  • Find fitness clothing and gadgets. Getting comfortable and breathable fitness clothes will make your workout sessions more enjoyable and effective. In addition, certain high-tech gadgets can help you keep track of your blood pressure, heart rate, etc. 
  • Start slowly and then build up. It’s important you take it slow at the very beginning. Your body needs to get back in shape, so don’t put it under too much pressure right from the start. Focus on simple, everyday, and low-impact activities such as walking. 

Tailored senior workout programs in San Diego at your fingertips

Whether you want to alleviate the effects of aging or be able to hike through Mission Trails Regional Park without experiencing shortness of breath halfway, we’re here to help you. Getting started in senior programs at Leo’s Fitness Lab is the perfect choice for improving your overall health and fitness levels. We bring you fitness facilities unlike any other accompanied by client-tailored programs. 

What’s more, our professional personal trainers are more than qualified and experienced, so they can help you overcome any physical challenges you may come across. We’ve worked with a great number of seniors in San Diego and we’re more than happy to welcome you to our community. Contact us today!