Blow Your Diet and Look What happens!

Headshot of Leo Hamel.

One Day Off The Diet And My Weight "Crashes"

Leo Hamell's body weight graph.

As you can see above, I took a day off my diet last weekend and ate some carbs. My weight graph dropped precipitously (meaning my weight went up)! The scale shows much more “weight gain” than some pizza and ice cream could put on in a day. It is all water weight and immediately reverses once I return to my Keto Diet.

It just isn’t possible to gain several pounds of “fat” in a day as that would require me to have eaten 10,000 calories, which I did not do! So I am not THAT bad!

I always look at trends AND my fat % and lean muscle %. These graphs are below.

Lean Mass Increased But I Do Not Believe it!

Leo Hamel's lean mass graph.

Oddly the graph for lean muscle went UP when I departed the diet for a day, but again, I do not put much stock in these numbers daily, but I look at the trends.  The first couple of weeks, my body was adjusting to the diet and exercise going up and down, but after the “remodeling” process was complete, my lean tissue increased.  So if we look at the roughly 35.5% back then to the 36.4% (rounded numbers), The graph indicates that I added a little under 1% lean muscle.  It is almost impossible to verify this scientifically, but I trust the trend!  

My Fat Percentage Graph Looks The Best

Leo Hamel's body fat graph.

This graph gives me a great feeling! My lean muscle is NOT going down and may even be going up, while my FAT percentage is going down! That’s the ideal scene for a diet and exercise program.  

Lose fat, gain muscle. Who cares about the weight, but that is going down too. I am buying 34-inch jeans now, and I remember when I was purchasing 44-inch ones! So that makes the “suffering: “worthwhile. Though I have to say, there isn’t much suffering when I eat 2200 calories of steak and salad. I occasionally have “Giant Keto Cocoa” or Halo Top low-calorie ice cream.  

Side Note:  For those interested in Keto-type diets, Halo Top makes two types of “ice cream.”  One is Keto and very high calorie, and one is a very low calorie, 270-330 per pint, and can work on a Keto Diet. I sometimes eat a whole pint and still lose weight because I keep my daily calories below my maintenance needs. So it is nice to have this treat, and Halo Top tastes like natural ice cream, even the low-calorie one.