More Graphs. Right Direction but Slow!

Leo Hamel's body weight graph.

Doing OK, But I Must Not Create A Slow Metabolism

Leo Hamel's body weight graph.

One of the great things about sharing my data, on my personal journey, is that it holds me accountable.  Over the weekend I was tempted to take a day off the plan but because I knew I had to “report in” I stuck to it.  Accountability is one of the major “secret” tools of any weight loss or muscle/strength building programs.  Left to our own, we all have gone on and off programs.  It is just to easy to come up with an excuse.  The graph above shows dramatic weight loss, some ups and downs but it also indicates I am stabilizing.  I cannot be deterred.  

Our Muscles Change When We Exercise As Does Our Metabolism

A few days ago I listened to a quite scientific weight gain (lean muscle) podcast I learned something I kind of knew, but forgot.  There is a system out body uses to “remodel” muscle tissue when exercising.  If we do moderately intense weight training (resistance training), we should retain muscle while losing fat.

Lean Muscle Graph

Leo Hamel's lean muscle graph.

Lean Mass Is Recovering After the Remodel

I was worried at first when this graph plummeted, but now it is recovering.  This is the “remodeling” mentioned in the podcats by a medical doctor, Peter Attia and a PHD in nutrition, Dr. Layne Norton.  (I recommend them both.)  So I am happy with my progress.  After listening to this podcast I recalled many things I had learned earlier and some new concepts.  Everything in weight loss and strength & muscle building is open to some debate because the science is not 100%.  This podcast is slightly technical but very good none the less.

Fat Percentage Graph

Leo Hamel's body fat graph.

I believe that I have not cut my calories enough which I am modifying. My weight has come down, my lean mass is recovering and but my body fat percentage is flat.  I am not worried as I have seen this before and I am targeting only about a pound a week.  I am OK so far and we will have to watch the future.  Some years ago I was in the 30% range so I am  slowly making progress and this is the most stable way to do it.

Fast weight loss returns almost every time as we all mostly know. The keys are to not calorie restrict too much and do some resistance training.  The more intense the better.  Both of these will prevent a metabolic slow down.  And you will eventually achieve that “Brad Pitt Fight Club” body.  If your a woman, there is likely a picture in your head that you are visualizing.

Eatng Enough Protein

After years of study I have realized that I likely have not been eating enough  protein.  The target should be around 1 gram per pound of body weight if you are trying to lose fat and retain or gain muscle.  This sounds like a lot, and it is!  But it is supposed to actually help with weight loss as well. But I am doing it and we will see.

Thank you for reading!


Leo Hamel