Struggling With Type Two Diabetes? Help Is Here!

Diabetic medicine and blood sugar level tester.

Do you have or are you at risk for Type 2 diabetes? Did you know that doing High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT) prevents, controls, and helps manage Type 2 diabetes? At Leo’s Fitness Lab, we make it easy for you to get the HIRT that you need to control your blood sugar levels with as little as two 20-minute sessions a week. HIRT is short and extremely effective, which is why 20 minutes, or less, is all that is needed.

How Do You Develop Type 2 Diabetes?

The body’s strongest and most important muscle fibers (called fast twitch) function on glycogen (sugar) reserves, which must be emptied periodically through SHORT high muscular effort (such as HIRT). Normal exercise does very little to activate these special fiber types. Most weight lifting barely involves them. Usually a person activates the sugar storing fibers only an the last rep of a set.  This is just before, and at, temporary “muscle failure.” This point the moment you cannot finish the last rep.


At LeoFitLabs we use two machines that get you to muscle failure from the fist second of the repetition.  Computer controlled machines vary the resistance (weight) according to your strength you have right now.  This happens in real time and you can see it on the large computer screen.  No other system allows for second by second adaption to your current strength.  It won’t 0verload you and you won’t get hurt.  Just the perfect weight, every time so you may tap into the sugar storing fibers in your muscle. 

This allows for very short, one set per body part, training sessions.  Typically only 20 minutes twice a week is more than enough.  You won;’t understand it until you experience it.  And it is a big, thought provoking experience.

In the absence of high muscular effort activities, very little glycogen is drained from the muscles in any meaningful degree. When lack of exercise is paired with eating refined carbohydrates, excess glucose is produced that cannot be stored in the muscles because they are already full; therefore, glucose begins to build up in the bloodstream. The body’s insulin levels rise in an attempt to “push” the sugar into the muscles.


Because the muscle cells cannot accept the glucose, the receptors on the surface of those cells become insensitive to insulin and as a result, the body produces even more insulin. Now, all of the glucose circulating in the bloodstream is transported to the liver and in the presence of high insulin levels will cause all additional carbohydrate ingestion to be stored as fat, and may lead to type 2 diabetes and other health problems.

Sufferers of Type 2 diabetes must work to maintain a healthy blood glucose (sugar) level. Incorporating regular exercise can help keep blood sugar levels low, and can actually aid your body in processing glucose without the help of insulin. With proper exercise, our muscles can use glucose without using excess insulin.

How Can You Prevent Diabetes?

Maintaining good health and fitness is key to preventing diabetes, which affects more than 30 million Americans, 90% of which suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown a direct correlation between obesity and the development of diabetes. In fact, obesity is considered the leading risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. Those with a family history of diabetes are at an even greater risk, and should prioritize exercise as a part of their daily routine. Exercise can be tremendously helpful for those trying to manage diabetes, offering benefits that medication simply cannot. However, not all types of exercise provide the same benefits in preventing or controlling diabetes!

Though HIRT may sound difficult, it really is not. Our ultra-modern machines (the only ones south of Los Angeles) are computer-controlled and motor driven to give YOU the EXACT amount of resistance YOU need by the second. The effort you exert is tracked on a large computer screen and the information is saved so you can “compete” against yourself on your subsequent visit. Your only competition is yourself, and it is actually quite fun.

Adopting an exercise routine can be challenging, but Leo’s Fitness Lab makes it easy. Our unique approach to fitness is unlike anything you will find at other gyms, regardless of the type. With just two, 20-minute sessions per week, you can achieve MORE benefits than 2-4 hours of other gym routines.

With regular gym exercises, you almost never use the muscle fibers that hold the most glycogen. All other forms of exercise including weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching, Cross Fit, Orange Theory type systems, and the super slow method are inefficient at draining glucose from muscles. So, you spend the time exercising and get little benefit towards diabetes prevention regardless of how many hours or sessions you do in a week. It is NOT “time in the gym” but short intense exercise that counts.

Even normal aerobics provides minimal protection against diabetes. Over time it becomes less effective as your body adapts to the same 20 to 60-minute walk or jog. Our machines adapt, by the second, every session, to give YOU the MOST benefit in the least time. It is safe for all ages from 10-110. Even those suffering from injury, or surgery, can safely train.

You have no excuse!

There really is no safer and faster way to improve your fitness.

Whether you’re concerned about developing diabetes, or already suffer from its symptoms, Leo’s Fitness Lab can help you achieve and support optimal health. As a side benefit you will also become stronger, build muscle and bone density, restore balance, reduce chances of injury, sleep better, improve your appearance, increase your energy levels, and live a healthier, happier life!  We also offer diet assistance so you should lose some weight as well!

This article is specific to Type II Diabetes but EVERY aspect of health is improved by short HIRT sessions. One session is all you will need to see why this is the most advanced exercise on earth. It is frankly AMAZING.

Two 20-minute sessions a week is all it takes, and your first session is free!

How can you lose?