Are Inconsistent Workouts Costing You?

Pnoe test Shows over 99% Fat Burning

After a disappointing Pnoe Metabolism test last week, I received a great one this week. 

Three weeks ago, my body was burning fat at 623% because I had eaten carbs the day before.  Then I went on a strict Keto Diet (50 grams or less of carbs), and my ratio went to 90.4%.  After another week, my body has become Keto Adapted fully, and my Fat burn is now 97.7%.

Because I am eating very low carb, and keeping my calories at a 500+/- deficit, any extra calories my body needs are coming from stored fat.  

The advantage of this is that I don’t get insulin spikes which make me hungry during the day, and tend to force calories into fat rather than burning them right away.

Pnoe data for leo hamel

I am able to keep track of my progress with this statistical data. There is a saying, 'Anything that is observed or tracked becomes better." By tracking my body's ability to burn stored fat, rather than it "demanding" of me to eat more carbs, I lose weight easily. That is why I enjoy losing weight on a low carb, Ketogenic Diet. I feel strong, clear headed and I don't crave "bad" foods. When one restricts calories, the body will drive you crazy to eat more food. Thus you will snack or eat too much of the wrong foods at mealtime. The body also needs breaks from eating. It should not be stimulated all day by constant snacking. This only leads to high Insulin all day long. Try restricting your meals to specific windows of time (Time restricted eating) and you may do better. Some people enjoy Intermittent Fasting. For help with diets, contact the staff at LeoFitLabs and I may even reach out myself.