New Pnoe Data and It is Good!

Headshot of Tim Ferriss.

Pnoe test Shows over 99% Fat Burning

After a disappointing Pnoe Metabolism test last week, I received a great one this week. 

Three weeks ago, my body was burning fat at 623% because I had eaten carbs the day before.  Then I went on a strict Keto Diet (50 grams or less of carbs), and my ratio went to 90.4%.  After another week, my body has become Keto Adapted fully, and my Fat burn is now 97.7%.

Because I am eating very low carb, and keeping my calories at a 500+/- deficit, any extra calories my body needs are coming from stored fat.  

The advantage of this is that I don’t get insulin spikes which make me hungry during the day, and tend to force calories into fat rather than burning them right away.

Pnoe data for leo hamel

I am able to keep track of my progress with this statistical data. There is a saying, ‘Anything that is observed or tracked becomes better.” By tracking my body’s ability to burn stored fat, rather than it “demanding” of me to eat more carbs, I lose weight easily. That is why I enjoy losing weight on a low carb, Ketogenic Diet. I feel strong, clear headed and I don’t crave “bad” foods.