Metabolism Test And Metabolic Health

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An interesting update on “unusual” weight gain by: Leo Hamel.

After the weekends massive weight gain, because I went of my Keto(ish) diet and went from 224 last Friday to 228 this last Monday, to 224.9 yesterday to 222.575 today. that’s over 5 pounds of “weight loss” in 2 days is very similar to the 5 pounds of weight gain over my “cheat” weekend. So I expect I will be well under 220 in a week or two and will continue on to my target of 200 within a month or two.

I am going to do a true Metabolism Test every week through this diet process.  We use a
PNOE medical testing devise.  PNOE means “breath” in Greek.  A study recently published in the British Medical Journal (and referenced in the magazine, Men’s Health) indicates that 80% leaves our body via our breath!

The PNOE device measures the “exhaust gas” and can tell us how much fat we are burning and how much we are burning from consumed sugars/carbohydrates.  You must know your caloric needs so that you can reduce your calories by the correct amount.  See dangers here for severe calorie restriction.  A personal trainer can help you with this.

The PNOE Device

PNOE testing equipment.

This device precisely measures your calorie-burn, daily in a twenty-minute session.  It calculates this “burn” by examining the Carbon Dioxide, which is a result of burning calories.  Food is like gasoline, and when it is converted to energy, it creates carbon and water as its by-product.  

Having this information, the Basal Metabolism Rate, or the number of calories your body burns at rest, will give you a baseline number to which you add calories burned through all daily movement.  The BMR is the rate of calories you burn, per day, if you were NOT moving at all.  This is different from sleeping, which has a slightly different burn rate.  This is the rate of calorie consumption if you were lying in bed all day, awake but not moving.