Lifestyle and Gross Eating Habits

Plate of seasoned sardines.

By Gross I Don't Mean Disgusting But Overall

Listening to Dr. Layne Norton He said something like the above.  One must look at lifestyle and eating habits.  WWe all seem to think that our lifestyle is, “OK.”  Or it is the best we can do.  I know a mother who told me, “Ugg I was up until two last night!  As usual.”  Knowing that she is a stay at home mom, who has no money worries I asked “Why do you do that to yourself?”  He reply was an adamant, “Because I just don’t have time to get everything done!”  Remember, stay at home mom whose kids are in school all day?  How could she not have time?  Because she, in her own mind and in daily practices creates a “lack of time.”   

She obviously believes herself.  BUT, this is a very negative factor under the heading of lifestyle.  It is extremely bad to get less than six hours of sleep a night.  Yet much of America, like the mother above, thinks there is no other choice. 

YOU Make YOUR Choices

There is always another way than the one we have convinced ourselves is “The Only Way.”  Tiem management, doing things to completion rather than in parts, therapy, whatever.  There are always choices unless you are in the Gulag, and maybe even then!

Lifestyle includes activity, walking, playing sports, gardening or yard work.  It also encompasses exercise.  The above don’t really count as exercise unless you are doing it “hard enough” to cause an adaption in the body’s metabolism.  The first few times you walk, and ,maybe get sore, count as exercise.  The next thousand walks are activity.  So incorporating some demanding exercise is vital to actual increases in health and fitness. 

Older couple walking in park.

You Controll Your Lifestyle

Get seven or eight hours of sleep.  Do some real, difficult exercise a week and get some activity.  These will help your overall health and wellbeing.  Dr. Norton said. “Not exercisinsing, and being concerned about diet only, is like stepping over $100 bills to pick up pennies.”  Exercise that is intense for you is the kind that will give health benefits.  You don’t need to start at the “very difficult” level, but you DO need to walk faster, harder or longer too continue to get benefits from walking.  You need to lift heavier weights.  Slow but sure this will force your body to adapt which increases metabolism and health.

Man working out on ARX machine.

Eating Habits Are Also YOUR Choice

We make choices all day and every day when it comes to eating.  You first need a decision to decide how/what you are going to eat.  Then you simply stick with it.  If you “fall off” make the very next meal count.  Do not do the, “Well I got off my diet so I might as well enjoy it for a week.”  That’s a disaster.  If you go on vacation, enjoy it.  But get back to your choices of good foods immediately.


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