Reshape and Tone Your Body

What makes a beautiful human body is the shape of the muscles. When you admire a celebrity’s body, their shape is defined by the underlying muscle tone. In order to reshape your body, losing weight is not enough. It’s necessary to also shape and tone your muscles. Dieting and long walks alone just do not cut it.

95+ percent of all diets fail in the long run, because dieting encourages a slower metabolism.  If you cut 500 calories out of your diet, you WILL lose weight but much of that weight will be muscle. Since muscle burns MORE calories than fat (even when we are NOT exercising) your body’s caloric needs go down after a diet.  When you return to normal eating, the weight ALWAYS returns.  Science has shown that to maintain your metabolism you need to keep, or even better, build a little muscle. (1)

You don’t need to be a body builder to build muscle; you simply need to stress your muscles in a specific yet brief method to build muscle, strength, and aerobic ability.

Women do NOT need to worry about “bulking up” as that is quite difficult for most women, but building basic muscle and strength will reshape your body in a way that weight loss alone will never achieve.

That’s worth repeating: building basic muscle and strength will reshape your body in a way that weight loss alone will never achieve.

Profile view of ARX machine.

Because we use the most advanced, computer controlled exercise equipment, you will start your first session at the exact level that is right for YOU. No overtraining, no unneeded stress, and no injuries. We can even work around injuries or limitations that you may already have. Don’t let a small pain stop you from working the rest of your body.

If you apply yourself, you should get the most benefit possible in just two 20-minute sessions per week! The most reshaping and toning in the least time. Who wouldn’t want that?

Our machines have a computer screen that shows you how much “work” you are doing so that you can track it and compete against yourself in the next session. This equates to improvement, session after session, in the most direct and quantifiable manner.

Graph During Workout

Building even small amounts of muscle has been shown to be a MAJOR contributor to life extension, especially “quality of life” in our later years. If you are not building strength and muscle, even small amounts, you are moving NOT in the direction of health, but away from it. Building muscle has been shown to be THE predictor of healthy longevity in several studies, one of which is quoted below. (2)

Again, we are not asking you to be a muscle builder but to simply build some muscle. We all lose about 3-5% of our muscle every 10 years after the age of 30. It’s not that it is harder to lose weight as we get older, but that we lose muscle which burns more calories than fat. So body fat gain is oftentimes really muscle loss. Our training system builds strength, tones muscle, reshapes your body, burns fat and gives serious cardiovascular benefit in 20 minutes twice a week.

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